Edward Hopper, Automat (1927)

This post specially made in order to celebrate Valentine’s Day,  and  90 years Automat first display at Rehn Galleries in New York.


Many people, often linked this picture to loneliness and gloomy. The fact that Edward use black in the background indicate that maybe this woman was sitting alone at night and a dim lighting affirm an aura of angst. The woman, who is sitting alone was actually Edward wife named Joe. He modified her face to look younger and make it more boy-ish because of her flat chest. When she is actually 44 years old with curvy body. If you pay attenttion to her hand which is one of them using glove might telling us that she is comforting herself before going on to another ocassion.

For me, this picture telling me about a state where someone just need a little break from reality that fling them in to a discomfort. Her eyes who is  constantly looking at coffee indicate a deepest thought as deep as an ocean trench. The reality slips in to her life  as soon as her first gulp of americano. Wandering that maybe her next step was all the reality that she wanted. Legs pressed against each other, trying to hide her mind who is full with anxiety. The memories of her mind might somehow twisting a worst memories she ever had that she been trying so hard to decease.

 The world just full of disastification,  she embarrassed by silence and not finding any comfort in all the noise. And maybe we have to love, because love is the only rational act (Stephen Levine).

Its Valentine’s Day! So I hope all the reader find a comfort mind to spill all of your love. I recomend you to Listening Amy Winehouse – Love is a losing game. I hope you all enjoy my interpretation! Thankyou.